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Anthony B. Castura has been in the Philadelphia area his entire life and has been learning and practicing the trades of Mechanical Contracting, General Contracting, HVAC, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Plumbing, and Stone Work since the mid 1980's. Anthony can handle jobs as small as AC tune-ups and as large as home editions while keeping the project on budget and on time.

Anthony is especially concerned about his customer's satisfaction and will go to great lengths to ensure they are pleased with the end result of his efforts. Anthony will personally see to it that every job is done right and done on time. Not only is Anthony an expert in his field, but Anthony B. Casutra, Inc. consists of a team of experts who share the same mentality towards the customer as Anthony.

Anthony prides himself on his values and morals. He will not set a customer up with something they do not need. He is also very energy conscious when it comes to sizing units in homes and businesses. He always wants to give the customer the best possible deal up front and for the long run. Because of this mentality, Anthony has found over the years that his customers have a very high level of trust and respect for him and because of this he has been given an incredible amount of referral business from his customers.

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